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For every sexually active man, the preservation of potency is the basis of the quality and enjoyment of life. However, at about 40 years of age, the testosterone level starts to decrease.

We begin to notice less frequent sexual responses and a decrease in sexual performance, which is the ability to perform specific functions, behaviors and sexual experience (and ability to begin, maintain and to complete a satisfying sexual intercourse).

The weakness or disappearance of our "morning glory" and nocturnal erections are also the decrease of our sexual potency.

Very often, these are the symptoms are not noticed by men at all or are noticed too late...

Usually this happens around age 40-50, when we are at the peak of our career.

The aging of our organism, exposure to modern civilization factors (such as alcohol, nicotine, pollution, stress) and different diseases (diabetes, obesity, hypertension) in a conjunction with the lack of movement and physical exercises begin to negatively influence our sexual vitality.

Compared to what it was 5 or 10 years ago, now it might look as follows:
1. AROUSAL phase – with age, we require more time and often an increased direct stimulation; additionally, we notice that the stiffness of our penis during erection decreases...
2. PLATEAU phase – this phase is longer, the ejaculation is delayed and less noticeable...
3. ORGASM AND EJACULATION – the experience lasts shorter and is less noticeable (did IT happen?); the amount of semen is decreased...
4. RELAXATION phase – this phase is shorter (we will not fall asleep emotion ), and the refraction phase (time before next climax) is considerably longer...

At first, the decline in our sexual potency can be unnoticed because it is decreasing constantly and in a very slow manner. It is like this among healthy men, even if they are not affected by the problem of sexual dysfunctions (abnormal sexual reactions).

That is the time when erection starts to be a problem – something that has always been natural and reliable and never made us wonder about its mechanism and how does it.

This is the very moment when the erection mechanism starts to fail (Erection – from latin erectio , which is the stiffness and enlargement of a male organ created of cavernous tissue due to an increased inflow and decreased outflow of the blood from the organ) and a man has a problem to achieve the hardness of his penis, sufficient enough to penetrate (to enter his partner) and to maintain the stiffness through the whole sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, men are constructed in such a way that they perceive their bodies as if they were machines and they take care of their organisms only when something breaks.

However, in case of weakening potency, their reaction is that they keep adjusting their sexual desire to the state of their sexual potency.

I we asked some men in different age to evaluate their sexual potency, most likely we would have heard that everything "seems" to be fine.

Whys is it like this?

The simplest answer is that when a man was 20-30 years old, he could have had, for instance, 3 satisfying sexual intercourses per week. Now, when this man is around 40-50, he has about 3 intercourses monthly – this is how he has adjusted his desire to the current state of his weakening sexual potency.

But why do men agree with the decrease of their sexual activity?
One of the causes is the general believe of our society that sex is the domain of young people.
This is why it is so hard to compare ones sexual potency from the period of his youth with the state of his sexual performance when he is an older man.

And above all, there is no public knowledge about the fact that
the potency can be and should be trained!!!

Use it or lose it!!! – it also applies to our potency!

When something is unused, it disappears!
Having in mind all the people who want to improve or regain their vital forces, we created PROJECT ANDROS.

PROJECT ANDROS consists of specialized exercises on erection that will move our sexual potency to the state we had 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

This specialized training on erection is the only non-pharmacological and effective medicine that will increase the sexual potency.

The exercises were presented on website.

Before starting the training described in PROJECT ANDROS

It is worth to check the current state of our sexual potency.

It can be checked with sexual potency test.

And then, with the use of the potency test, it is worth to observe how does our sexual vitality change.

It is useful to perform the erection exercises to enjoy the sexual activity and pleasure till the late age.

PROJECT ANDROS is not only the exercises improving erection but also the all-purpose workout that increases LIBIDO – the sexual desire.

And besides the positive effects on our sexual life, these exercises provide great benefits on our health in general – they affect the health of our heart, our joints, our spine. They also regulate blood sugar levels and help to fight obesity.

The list of these great benefits provided by all-purpose workout cab be found on the following web page:
Why is it worth to train?.

The all-purpose workout is the best antidote to the aging process.

We invite you to get acquainted with the offer of PROJECT ANDROS on our webpage:

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